Odens Double Mint Portion

Sold outOdens Double Mint Portion

The Royal Snus Online recommends

Odens Double Mint Portion- a normal strength portion with a taste of mint. A normal nicotine experience in moistened portion bags.

Nicotine 9mg/g

Net Weight (g) 18


Oden's snus is a brand in the low-price snus segment with great quality. Oden’s is manufactured by GN Tobacco Sweden and is made at the snus factory in Bispgården. The snus is available in many different flavor variants.

General information
ManufacturerGN Tobacco
Shipped fromSweden
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  • Brand: GN Tobacco
  • Product Code: Odens Double Mint Portion
  • Availability: Sold out
  • 3.39€

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